04 March 2011

Miranda Bars

I'm pretty much obsessed with Larabars...or at least, I was until this past January when I cut out fruit. :( I'm definitely looking forward to the day (hopefully) when I'll be eating them again! Until then, however, I'm happy to munch on my new favorite nutritional bar, the Miranda Bar! (All I need now is a cool umlaut in my name like Lära....and maybe a catchy "Miranda Bar" jingle, like this one by my friend, Annie.)

A couple months ago, there was a Groupon for the company You Bar, which makes bars (and other snacks) according to what YOU want! It's brilliant for those of us who have dietary restrictions. The bars are kind of expensive, especially after shipping costs, but since I had a coupon, I decided to give it a try. I'm really glad that I did, too. It was so fun getting something that I'd created, with my name on it, in the mail! On this diet there aren't many options for packaged, go-to snack foods to throw in my purse, so these are helpful.

The way it works is that You Bar gives you a list of ingredients, and you check which ones you want. Then, you choose a name and they'll ship you a box of your custom bars.

Miranda Bars have an almond butter base with coconut flakes and all kinds of seeds--there's also a little bit of stevia in them. I think they are really good, but they probably wouldn't sell to the masses since they aren't sweet and get kind of melty at room temp. I keep them in the freezer (I did that with Larabars too) and that makes them the perfect texture.

I can thank my new friend, Heather, for her homemade coconut butter recipe that made an awesome frosting for the bars.

Just so you know, I'm not at all affiliated with the You Bar company, I just think they're fun and tasty and would make a great gift! I'll probably order a box of Miranda Bars again!


  1. I'd like to try one of those Miranda Bars - they sound really good!

  2. this is AMAZING! I have been scouring the internet trying to find a sugar-free + gluten-free bar and its impossible to find one. I cut out sugar as well but do miss cliff and Lara bars so much. I am so excited!! this is so cool !

  3. Hi Nadia! I love your blog...I just saw that you added my site to your blog roll. Thank you! If you order some bars, let me know what you choose and how they turn out!

  4. Ha, I remember that Groupon. Should have cashed in on that one.

    I would love the Miranda bars, especially topped with homemade coconut butter. Isn't that stuff addicting?

    Honestly, I'd choose your bar any day over a Larabar. :)

  5. Miranda! Thank you - I didn't see this comment till just now! I love your blog too - it will be on my blogroll for sure.. I did end up ordering some 'nadia' bars.hehe.. I forget what I put in them - but will let you know when they arrive - cant wait :)

  6. Hey Miranda! These bars sound awesome! What would you recommend putting in them? I'm just like you as far as allergies go and would love your recommendations! Thanks for your blog posts. They are so encouraging!!!