30 August 2011

Chocolate No-Bake Cookies and Cold-Pressed Coffee

I know someone who likes to use this simile, "Sex is like pizza. Even when it's bad, it's still pretty good." If that's true, then I can say this for sure: sex is not like coffee. If coffee is bad...well, it's just bad.

I love good coffee. It really is one of my favorite things. I am not one of those cup-a-day-ers who need caffeinated brown water just to make it to lunch. No, if I'm gonna have a cup of coffee or shots of espresso, I want it to be good. Good coffee to me means strong, smooth and black. I like to savor a cup of coffee or espresso in the afternoon--not to help keep me awake, but just to enjoy.

The best espresso in Nashville is at Crema and if you ever go there with me and I order an Americano, just be forewarned that I might make faces and comments as if it is the best thing I've ever tasted. The crema (thin foam on top of the espresso) is enough to make my day--it's just so perfect and beautiful. Sadly, many restaurants in the US serve lukewarm, dark-ish liquid made from beans ground two years ago that have been sitting in a humid cupboard or a freezer for several weeks. It's just as unfortunate, that many Americans think that the best part of waking up is Folgers in their cup. It's not. Trust me.
You can imagine my disappointment when coffee became one of those things that I needed to limit in my diet. Coffee creates a more acidic environment when it's consumed and I'm going for more alkalinity in my system. I still enjoy a cup every so often, but in the last year I've tried to stick to green and herbal tea. It's just not the same, though.

Then, a few weeks ago, I came across this recipe for cold-processed coffee that is supposed to cut the level of acidity in coffee by 75%. The recipe is for a restaurant-sized portion, so I did some mathematics and came up with this formula: 8-10 Tbsp coarsely ground coffee to 4 cups cold/room temp. filtered water. After the coffee steeps for 24 hours, press it and then drink it or store it in the fridge for a few days. I stored mine in glass jars and then added hot water for an americano and coconut or almond milk for a latte (hot or cold). It turned out great. If you don't have a french press, go get one today. I may or may not bring my own coffee grinder and french press to work sometimes. It's a little ridiculous, but I just don't think it's worth it to drink coffee if it doesn't taste good, you know?

Alongside my cold-pressed coffee, I had some mini sausage patties. Yum.

Just kidding. They're really no bake chocolate cookies, but the pictures kind of look like breakfast sausages. I promise that they didn't taste anything like sausage. Coffee and sausage do not pair well together. Coffee and chocolate, on the other hand, are a perfect duo.

Following my current raw food kick, I created this little snack/dessert out of soaked brazil nuts. Brazil nuts are one of my favorites. They made the cookies light and gave a nice alternative flavor to my more common chocolate/almond combination.

Chocolate No-Bake Cookies
1 cup soaked brazil nuts
1/2 cup cocoa powder
3 Tbsp coconut oil
1/4 cup coconut flakes
stevia to taste
pinch of sea salt

Blend all ingredients in food processor until well-mixed and "dough" is firm enough to form with your hands. Roll into balls and lightly press to flatten into small cookies. Place in fridge for 15-20 minutes until they become more firm. Store in fridge or freezer. 

Go forth and consume good coffee and chocolate!

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