29 July 2011


A perfect vacation for me would include: friends/family, good food, beautiful natural scenery, vibrant urban scenery, easy to use city-wide public transportation, a road trip, mountains, ocean, 50-80 degree weather, good coffee, good food (whoops, already said that...), friendly locals, a farmers' market, good wine, good beer, good chocolate, lots of walking, lots of people watching...ok I'll stop there.

I have opinions. It's times like these that I must accept that the adjective "opinionated" does, in fact, describe me. Even though my opinions are generally about everyday things that many people don't care about (like food and water) and not loftier things (like politics or technology) I'm still opinionated...I guess. There, I said it. I could actually make the list above much longer and more detailed, but I'll spare you.

[Just a couple of years ago, a friend made a sarcastic comment about me not being opinionated and I asked--completely seriously--"Wait...do you think I'm opinionated?!" He looked at me and laughed, then realized I was for real, and was like, "You're kidding me, right?"]

It only makes sense to have high standards for a vacation if it can actually come true...if a place that great really exists. A place as great as San Francisco.

My trip last week makes me feel like way back when (you know, back when there was NOTHING), God said, "Some day, Miranda will be living in the humid southern US, and she'll need a break from her job. What would she like to do for a week?" And BAM. He created California, from Big Sur to the wine country. I'm not so prideful to think that San Francisco was made for me, of course, but it feels like it because it meets every vacation requirement of my little opinionated heart. Would I ever consider living there? Maybe. Not now, but maybe someday for a little bit (I'm a Midwestern girl, so I'll probably stick closer to home for the long haul, but who really knows.)
Before I left for the City by the Bay, I predicted some things that I might eat and drink while I was there. Well, I'm a very bad predictor. Turns out I didn't eat or drink any of those things. What I did eat and drink, however, is the following deliciousness (plus a whole lot more that I will gladly tell you about later):

A plateful of fresh Thai spring rolls with avocado (and pretty spirals made from beets) at Sweet Lime.

A raw vegan cookie dough bar dipped in dark chocolate at Cafe Gratitude.

And a cappuccino made from Espresso No. 9 Decaf at Flying Goat Coffee. (It turns out that San Francisco area has some incredible coffee and espresso. Peet's might be the most well-known outside of the city, but it's definitely not serving the best brew.)

All of these items and establishments require more explanation and photos, so don't you worry, you'll be hearing plenty about my amazing time in The City for many posts to come.

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  1. i am SO glad you had a wonderful trip--i've been anxiously awaiting katie's return to hear all about it!!!