30 June 2011

Curry Fried Eggs

I got the idea of trying curry with eggs from my friend Debbie who is one of the best cooks I know. She brought the most amazing curry deviled eggs with goat cheese to a brunch one time. I must have eaten 3 or 4 eggs that morning, they were so good.

I don't have eggs for breakfast every day, but since I tend to do better with some form of protein in the morning, I do eat a lot of eggs. I'm always looking for ways to move beyond the normal salt and pepper.

For those of you who don't like runny yolks, this picture will probably gross you out. I love runny yolks...if the whites are runny, though, I will gag.

In Ecuador they make their eggs SUPER runny. I gagged a lot there. They also don't refrigerate their eggs--they get them so fresh and eat them so quickly, there's no need. When I first saw dozens of eggs being stored in the pantry of the hostel that I was working at in Quito, I thought someone with dementia had unpacked the groceries. But nope, that's just how they do it. Very little salmonella poisoning in Ecuador (I don't really know that, but I didn't meet a single person who'd been poisoned by Ecuadorian eggs, so it must be true, right?).

I ate my curry fried egg with a simple salad. I've really learned to appreciate good greens. These pretty leaves are beet greens. I drizzled olive oil, squeezed fresh lemon juice and sprinkled sea salt on them. Just the way I like my greens. These came from my friend Robin's garden. One day, I came home from work and found a basket full of beet greens, arugula, thai basil, Swiss chard and herbs sitting on my front porch. It totally made my day. Thank. You. Robin.

I'm thinking that my next curry/egg experiment will be to make a curry, goat cheese omelet (to piggy back even more off of Debbie's deviled eggs). I'm still limiting my goat/sheep dairy intake, but I've done ok with a little every once in awhile.

Speaking of goat cheese, wanna hear a gross story? This one time I was at Whole Foods walking from one taste test station to another. At the cheese counter, there was a goat cheese spread that looked delicious. So, I took a little plastic spoon from the bin and dipped it in the goat cheese. I savored the cheese in my mouth, closing my eyes to really taste the flavor. Then, I went to throw my spoon into the little trash bin on the counter. As I was about to drop my dirty spoon into the bin, someone else was reaching into that same bin to grab a CLEAN SPOON. I looked at the bin, I looked at my spoon, then I looked at the container where I had grabbed my spoon. On the front, in hand written letters, it said: "trash."

I dry heaved a few times and wiped my mouth with a napkin over and over. Then I went home and drank bleach.

I survived. If you're going to eat after a complete stranger, I recommend doing it at Whole Foods. I'm betting that the original spoon user had just gone through a deep cleansing detox and didn't have germs anymore.

On that note, here's how to make Curry Fried Eggs. :) Fry your egg like normal (I use coconut or grapeseed oil since they have a higher smoking temp). Before you flip it, sprinkle a generous amount of yellow curry powder on it along with sea salt and cayenne pepper to your liking. Flip, cook and eat.


  1. ooh I'm intrigued! We love curry and I've never thought to add it to eggs. I'll have to try!

  2. Ohhh yum, this is a delicious idea!!