24 February 2011

Good Food Can Heal

This past fall, my life changed. For years, I had been struggling with a few uncomfortable, and often times painful, health problems. I talked to several doctors and tried many prescription drugs, but none of the conventional "Western" medical advice seemed to help. Finally, my mom, some friends, my chiropractor and a few websites I trusted, encouraged me to help my health issues by changing my diet.

So, the last weekend of September 2010, I stopped eating sugar, all dairy and gluten (as well as a few other things). After experiencing some success, I was motivated to cut out all forms of sugar (even fruit) and most grains. Drastic? Yes. Crazy? Maybe. Boring? Not at all.

I have never felt better in my life. After just two months of this diet, my body has healed in ways I didn't think it could and, without even trying, I've lost weight. I eat a lot, and I eat really well. Hopefully you'll see that from this blog.

Some of my favorites...

A close up of tiny little chia seeds, omega-3 powerhouses. (Yes, they're the same ones that grow green hair on your Chia Pet. Who knew?)

Beloved avocado. They have more potassium than bananas and tons of fiber compared to most fruits.

Mmm, chocolate. This is the pure stuff, completely unsweetened. Antioxidants galore.

I may share more details about my health issues later. For now, if you're curious, please feel free to email me your questions!


  1. you have a blog! you have a blog! I love it - and that is one perfect looking avocado. I wanna take a big bite!

  2. Ha, eating some Baker's chocolate right now. You know I could not agree more with the title of this post! So excited for your blogging adventures. :)

  3. Am glad to see you have such a blog. I could use some of these ideas in my diet. I absolutely LOVE avacados, and other things mentioned as swell. Will be following you.

  4. Thanks for reading and commenting! Kathy and Brad, it's fun to hear from each of you. Debbie and Heather, you are two of my cooking inspirations. HEAB, you get all the credit for bringing Baker's chocolate into my life. :)

  5. Umm, you sounds exactly like me! Health problems, cut out dairy, soy, gluten, sugar and most grains. Feel a bajillion times better! I would love to hear more about your story! Maybe you can help me :)

  6. Lauren, I'd love to hear your story and give any help that I can. Feel free to email me with questions. miranda.runcie@gmail.com

  7. You sound exactly like me as well ;) Gluten, soy, dairy & (mostly) sugar free... I'm glad I found your blog - It's great!

  8. I don't go a day without my beloved avocado! My nutritional lifestyle follows that of Kris Carr's Crazy Sexy Diet, and have never felt as healthy, as amazing as I do today. Removing from my regime what you have also cut out has made immense differences for me.
    -Grace / A Life Unhurried