20 February 2011

Coconut Quinoa Rolls with Avocado and Cilantro

This was one of the most satisfying meals I've ever had. Not only was the taste amazing, but just look at it. Isn't it pretty?

I posted this picture on Facebook a few weeks ago and got a lot more feedback than I expected. People even wanted the recipe! The only problem was...I hadn't used a recipe. I rarely do, but I managed to come up with a satisfactory explanation. Here's what to do, it's anything but precise. Have fun with it!

1. Make the quinoa in a rice cooker (or according to package directions)
2. Mix in coconut oil (about 1 Tbsp per 2 c quinoa--to make it like "sticky" rice).
3. After the quinoa cools a little, put some on a nori wrap, on the end closest to you.
4. Add sliced avocado, cilantro and sesame seeds (and whatever else you want in your roll...cucumber would be good--I tried baby carrots, but the texture was wrong, they were too crunchy).
5. Then, roll tightly (I don't have a bamboo mat, but if you do it might be easier) and "seal" the roll by putting a little water on the end of the wrap.
6. Slice with a serrated knife...it was a bit tricky to not smash them, so slice gently.

I forgot to put the sesame seeds inside the first time, so I put some water on the outside of the roll and sprinkled seeds on top. I dipped them in Bragg's liquid aminos, but you can use soy sauce or whatever you like with your sushi. Seriously, it was so easy and this is the first time I've ever made "sushi".

After this meal, I started thinking it might be fun and smart for me to keep track of the food I make, so I can remember to remake the good ones. And with that, plus encouragement from friends, family and other bloggers, this website was born. I anticipate that my posts will have plenty of pictures of my food and a few words (ingredients, stories and recipes when I can figure them out).

Thanks for stopping by, friends. Keep coming back if you like good food!


  1. I can't believe that was your first time ever making sushi - looks perfect! I love the filling, but as many times as I've tried sushi, I just can't develop a taste for nori. I prefer my sushi naked. ;)

  2. These pictures are beautiful! Not only do the pictures look professional, but the sushi looks gorgeous! Quinoa sushi is such a cool way to change it up.

  3. Thanks xcfoodie, I don't know about professional, but I'm trying my best to get pretty pictures of my food. :) I had a change to check out your blog--I'm a fellow runner too!

  4. Hi Miranda, I arrived here from Roost and am so glad I clicked on your link! I thought I'd begin reading through your blog from your first post, and lo and behold -- one of my favourites -- quinoa rolls! I wasn't as creative as you since I followed a recipe from one of my cookbooks, The Conscious Cook. Here's the version I lovingly prepare and devour:
    ' off to read the rest of your posts!
    -Grace / A Life Unhurried