23 February 2011

(Defrosted) Spicy Turkey and Vegetable Soup

Tastes even better the next...year? Yep, that's right, I made a huge pot of this soup last January, ate it for days and then froze the rest of it. I've seen it in the freezer since, but it never sounded good to me again. A couple days ago, I took it out to make more room in my freezer. I was fully expecting it to taste freezer burnt, so I almost just threw it out without giving it a try. But somewhere in the recesses of my brain I heard my grandma's voice shouting out her Depression era mantra, "Waste not, want not!" I listened, and heated it on the stove for lunch today--adding some cayenne pepper and sea salt. It was amazing! Even better than I remember it being a year ago. Ha! I never would have thought it would last this long.

Freezers are incredible...or I guess it's the chemistry behind the freezing that's incredible. I've never been a science person, and definitely not a chemist, but cooking and baking has made me start considering the chemical reaction and makeup of foods to the point that I'm super intrigued by how it all works on a molecular level. Oh man, listen to me...please excuse me while I go tape up the bridge of my glasses...

Next up is dessert: defrosted carrot cake from 1992!

Just kidding.

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