09 October 2011

Truly Grateful

This is where I celebrated my birthday.

Yes, this place really does exist, and I took this picture myself. But as amazing as this looks, it's really just the beginning (or the end actually, the final destination) of the celebration of the big 2-9 the past couple of days. Please allow me the moment to brag on my incredible family, friends and coworkers.

The day started off in the best way ever to start a day. Breakfast at Marche. My friend Jen, took me there before work and we had eggs, thick cut bacon and roasted potatoes. I love bacon.

Then, I headed to work. Terrible place to spend a b'day? Wrong. At my office, they know how to celebrate. My office was decorated with "Happy Birthday" and "Feliz Cumpleanos" signs. There were gifts on my desk along with these beautiful tulips. (Ahhh, America, where tulips bloom in October.)

After lunch, my office mates brought me into a room where they had a glorious spread of many of my favorite foods, including these. They called my roommate to ask for ideas and did research on this blog to decide what to bring and make. Talk about feeling loved. I still can't believe they made me truffles. Thanks Maegan. :)

I left work a little early and headed to my parents' house. My mom had prepared a taco bar (I love Mexican food!) complete with avocado, three salsas, cilantro, lime, guacamole and refried beans.


I would have been completely satisfied and overwhelmed with joy if my day ended there. But it didn't. Next, my sister brought out a carrot cake. Carrot cake is one of my favorite desserts. I love it.

The carrot cake that she made was one of the best I've had and it was grain and dairy free and sweetened with pure maple syrup. She based her recipe on this one. I don't deserve all of this kindness. It was an amazing day.

The next morning, my mom and I had fun in the kitchen making homemade ice cream (vanilla, cinnamon, and dairy/sugar free chocolate banana coconut), and pumpkin spice lattes. In the afternoon, a few friends came over to my parents' house and we enjoyed the drinks and dessert.

THEN, to top it all off and make this the best birthday celebration ever, I went to Arrington Vineyard with a bunch of friends to have a picnic. What could be better than rolling green hills, crisp fall air, friends, family, good food and drinks?

I'm still floating from all the goodness. Thank you, God, for another year of my life. I am grateful.

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  1. I'm glad you had a good birthday. My sister's birthday was yesterday too.