27 May 2011

Road Trip Snacks

This morning, long before many of you were awake, three friends and I got into the car and headed out of town. To the beach!


I'm most looking forward to waking up without an alarm, doing yoga outside near the water, fixing pancakes for breakfast and lying on the beach with a good book and great company. Amazing company. The three friends that I'm going with are so fun, beautiful, hilarious, smart, talented and caring. I feel lucky to be able to spend a whole weekend with them. There will be a lot of laughter for sure. Even if it rains the entire weekend, we'll have an amazing time. Heck, even if all we do is drive to the beach and then turn around and come back, we'll have a blast.

I love road trips--piling into the car, rolling down the windows, turning up the music and eating snacks. I'm the one who breaks into the snack bag just a couple miles down the road. My mom was always the queen of snacks on our family road trips. I can picture her turning around in the passenger seat handing my sister and me slices of cheddar cheese to go with our crackers and grapes. She'd also fill a gallon-sized ziplock bag with homemade trail mix (m&ms, nuts and raisins). Brings back fond memories. Even though I can't eat my mom's road trip recipes nowadays, I still carry on her snacking sentiment by bringing plenty of gluten, dairy and sugar free snacks. Here's what I'm taking on this trip:

Not pictured:
Perfect Popcorn
Baker's Chocolate

It's gonna be a great trip. I am allowing myself to have some things that I've been omitting these past few months (like apples and agave nectar) since this is vacation and it's been so long since I've been on vacation.

I hope you have a great holiday weekend also! I'll be back next week--a little bit tanner, more rested and probably with deeper laugh lines. Hasta luego!

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  1. ohh fun!! my mom used to pack loads of snacks on trips too. :)
    guess what i ate yesterday after months - a green apple! what a treat! lol...