11 April 2011

Johnny Cash's Cowby Boot in My Bag of Carrots

First, some business. I finally got a chance to make my "Recipe" page. Click on the tab above to check it out. You'll also notice that there's a link to the Tikka Masala post...yes, there's a recipe for it now! Thanks for your patience. One of these days, I'll add a little something "About Me". Until then, I will leave you with this.

I found a cowboy boot in my bag of baby carrots.

Since I live in Nashville, I like to think that I had a Johnny Cash cowboy boot sighting. 
What could it mean?

It's kind of like seeing the Virgin Mary in your grilled cheese sandwich or Mother Theresa in your cinnamon roll, but with a honky-tonk twist. (No less spiritual, though. We're talking about the Man in Black.) Hmmm, I should market this thing and sell it on Ebay for millions...

Too bad I didn't think about that BEFORE I ATE IT. Yes folks, I ate Johnny Cash's carrot boot. And it was good. Have a great Monday.


  1. Love your site! Deborah Barnett sent me when I twitttered about needing Gfree recipes! Thanks!